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Pełna wersja: Unless they were complete noobs they'd get the message and leave you alone.
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I'm not RuneScape gold saying I think jaggex should provide us all free memberships, im less arrogant to request such, but things that may benefit us in the long term like a place to fish lobbs which actualy has a local bank, as ive found out to my dislike and many others. I'm not a part myself, so I cant really think of even more privilages which are simply given to members that may benefit nonmembers more then they are, so in the event that you have some ideas, and you agree with what I say, fill me in on what privilages you think nonmembers should be provided.

To start yes I know this was suggested earlier, but my strategy is better. You know just how to click something it says: Analyze"Insert item"? Well what if you can examine different people? I'll use myself for example: Right click on Kamek_2000 and hit examine. Then heres the magic of it. You get to determine what the exam says! Or"stop analyzing me lol!"

It could be fun and useful! Example: Your cutting timber to receive 99 woodcut if a guy comes up to request support. If you don't react they may be curious and analyze you. It may say"Please don't disturb me, I am working for 99 woodcutting." Unless they were complete noobs they'd get the message and leave you alone.

Your probably saying:"how do we decide what the exam message states. If a new player just beginning, then after you create your person, a message will come up stating Would you prefer to give an Evaluation message? Or sumthing like that. There'll be a button that will say: pick later, so that they will not possess an E-message if they don't visit the examinator. IF your not a new player and want buy OSRS gold an Examine message just go to the examinator stall. Whats that the examinator stall you ask: In Draynor village there will be a stall with a guy sitting . Lets call him "The Examinator" shall we? If you'd like an examine message or want to change your present examine message, talk to him. If you do not need an examine messgae in any way, simply tell him.